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From Crested Butte, CO reaching out to the World! I've worked online for many years now. As Web Developer, Content Manager, Editor, Writer ... you name it. Turns out I'm really good at it :) Also, I mostly work with people in the fields of Yoga, Energy Healing, Reiki, Nutrition, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy. It fits perfectly with my personal experience as a light worker and it's an excellent match for my tech skills. If you'd like to explore working together reach out and let's set up a time to talk about it.

  • Grace and Ease

    Get it done online with Grace & Ease. I work independently (or with online teams) with business owners and non-profit organizations. For many years I've worked in the well-being and metaphysical fields and helped manage content, courses and websites. In a nutshell, I can help manage and provide professional assistance for all your online content needs including: Editing, Writing, Proofreading, Content Management, Webinars, eBooks + Online Courses and Course Content. In addition I work in Book Publishing, Editing and Proofreading. I'm here to help make the magic happen with with grace and ease. Read More

  • Why Gypsy Tides?

    I've built Gypsy Tides by bringing my work ethic to the table in all ways. I'm professional, prompt, and dedicated, always meeting deadlines. With years of editorial, blog, writing, content management, website management and proofreading experience, I can help with all of your content needs. From eBooks to Online Courses, Webinars, Newsletters as well as Print Books and Promotional Materials, I love to get in there and edit, correct, and overall make it a perfect reflection of your dreams. I love what I do. Read More

  • Multidimensional

    Multidimensional; having many aspects. Well, that's the truth. Under the lotus of Gypsy Tides, there are many dimensions. Professional virtual management is my jam, while my creative, lightworker side likes to be sparked & ignited by teaching Yoga, Workshops and Classes, mixing up Aromatherapy Blends and offering Crystal Healing + Reiki Sessions. It's all about balance in this multidimensional reality. Bringing forth and sharing gifts and wisdom for a better world. Raising the vibration in multidimensional positive ways. It's a beautiful thing. ❤️ Read More

Welcome to Gypsy Tides. If you’d like to explore working together on the project of your dreams please send an email to Lisa.