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The Wave

The online world is a fast moving wild ride. Am I right?  Sometimes it feels like riding a tumultuous wave. Other times it’s smooth sailing.  Experience at the helm is always an asset.   One of my favorite parts of this work is doing the research into new apps, new platforms, innovative options that make […]


In the Groove

You know when you’re really feeling it?  You’ve got your mojo in full swing and your going with the flow of life?  That’s where I am at right now in my business.  Over time my zone of genius, although it’s always had the same roots, has become refined while simultaneously it has grown and blossomed.  […]


Paradox Footwear

I don’t always get to post about the work I’m doing with various clients, a lot of nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff, creating, blogging, revamping, that I love doing!  I’ve been thriving and so happy with both long and short term clients.  Helping people achieve their online goals & grow their businesses is empowering […]


Little Red Schoolhouse, Crested Butte

  Helping small businesses get online, re-build or update in WordPress.  It’s such a great feeling when a business owner can be taught to edit & update their website on their own time … Little Red was built in a dreamweaver program and had a great website, but they could only edit it from 1 […]



Do you write newsletters for your clients, members or customers. It’s the perfect way to deliver news about your business or organization to folks that are already interested in your services. Newsletter programs like MailChimp or constant Contact make it easy to create professional looking templates and create personalized lists. And the best part is […]


Why use WordPress?

We had a stat listed on our site that said 58 million people are powering and building their websites with WordPress.  Today that number is over 60 million, in a very brief time!  There are many reasons for this: WordPress is very efficient, customizable, and user friendly.  In addition, more functions  and add-ons are being […]