In the Groove


You know when you’re really feeling it?  You’ve got your mojo in full swing and your going with the flow of life?  That’s where I am at right now in my business.  Over time my zone of genius, although it’s always had the same roots, has become refined while simultaneously it has grown and blossomed.  And that continues every day, with every interaction and experience.

I’ve shifted from my earlier days, of mostly designing websites for small businesses, to building relationships with clients and now primarily working with folks on a long term basis.

Not to say that I don’t do 1 off jobs anymore because I do … it’s always fun to do a short-term project with someone, and have that sense of completion when we wrap it up.  But this evolution of my online work, it’s really good.  It feels so right!

And … what’s interesting is that all of my clients at this point are in the well-being industry.  Whether it be Yoga, Crystals, Reiki, Law of Attraction work or Nutrition, my most consistent clients are women and they all strive to make our lives better in one way or another … body, mind and soul.  It’s a beautiful thing and I am so thankful.  Every. Single. Day.

Cheers!  ~ Lisa