Yoga, Oils & Crystals

Crystal Healing and Reiki Sessions

Private Crystal Healing & Reiki Sessions are available!  We’ll need about one and a half hours.  Please email, call or text 970.275.4336 to schedule a session.

Upcoming Classes and Events: 

We’ve got a great summer lineup planned!  Pre-Register at Pema Dawa for any of these classes.  Email me if you have any questions. 

What is a Crystal Healing Session?

A Crystal Healing session with me is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals and stones on the body in relaxation. The goal of a session may include re-alignment of your energetic frequencies and/or removal of any emotional & energetic blocks while allowing for deep soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. An hour long session will include crystals, aromatherapy and sound therapy to balance and align your chakra centers. 

For more information please email Lisa or call 970.275.4336

Give the Gift of Crystal Healing!

Gift Certificates are available for purchase online or in person in Crested Butte. Email here for more information.

What is a Reiki Session?

For many people, Reiki is their first dive into the world of energy medicine and may be their first experience with a lightworker.  It’s a great place to start. In fact, it’s a great place to be, to do, to live.

As a Reiki Master, it is my honor to serve in this way. It is my honor to practice Reiki and to see the positive benefits of this healing modality.  I offer sessions of Reiki independently or can combine it with Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy. Either way, it’s a gentle yet highly effective technique that is entirely non-invasive.  Reiki can help in a myriad of ways to treat physical pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety.  During a session you can expect to relax completely and just rest and receive the light healing.

Living Life with Grace and Ease

Many years ago I studied an advanced level Aromatherapy Certification program and ran my own business Practical Potions for several years.  I’ve always had an interest in the properties; metaphysically, emotionally and physically, of essential oils and an affinity for blending.  Practical Potions was a perfect way to share my practice of essential oils with the world at that time.

I continue to work with essential oils everyday, for myself, my family and friends & my clients.  Blending up aromatherapy potions when someone is in need or when I’m inspired to create a blend for someone, a special occasion, a celebration of seasons or a group of people. As life flows and changes,  I’ve moved on from the online & wholesale essential oil products, but aromatherapy remains a sacred part of my life everyday.  I have continued to grow my passion and education in essential oils fueling my grateful heart and appreciation for the power of scent. There is magic in aroma!

So where do Yoga & Crystals come into the mix?

Since my 1st studio yoga class on 11.11.11 at Yoga for the Peaceful in Crested Butte, I’ve had a total love affair w/ yoga. My maha teachers Shiva Rea, Monica Mesa & Micheline Berry have opened the flood gates of what I know will be a life long practice that continues to blossom & flourish.  In 2014 I completed my 200 hour Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training and have since additionally been certified in Shiva Rea’s Advanced Elemental Prana Vinyasa program.

Having been intuitively drawn to crystals for my whole life, I took it to the next level a few years ago and dove into a Certified Crystal Healing Course with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.  After much studying and practice, I’m now an Advanced Crystal Master.

These 3 modalities compliment each other so beautifully and blend so naturally together, it’s magical!  When I combine all 3 it feels like I’ve come home to a place I’ve always known, a place I’ve always been, and I’m inspired to share that with others.


Teaching Yoga for several years now at Yoga for the Peaceful in Crested Butte, CO, I’ve been able to combine the art of aromatherapy w/ the presence of crystals in my yoga classes to enhance the Sacred Space + broaden & deepen the divine experience of yoga.

I offer public Crystal Workshops (sometimes combined w/ Yoga)  as well as individual Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy sessions.


Crystal Yoga

Hopefully I’ll be offering more Crystal Healing Yoga at Yoga for the Peaceful this Fall! Our past classes were a great success, thank you to everyone that participated.

Drop into a deeply nourishing journey of self-love and self-care with a blissful slow yoga practice.  Align with the lunar energies that promote cleansing, releasing, and starting anew.

In this series of yoga classes you will experience asana paired with the sacred and mystical art of aromatherapy and crystal healing. The practice will culminate in an extended shavasana with crystals and singing bowls, encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit.

Dedicate this time to yourself for renewal and raising your vibration.